Dentist in Maspeth NY Held a Holiday Coat Drive

Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, dentist in MAspeth NY, invited local residents to join her in an effort to ensure that no one goes without a warm coat this winter.

She organized a Holiday Coat Drive an effort to ensure that no one goes without a warm coat this winter.

Dr. Khaimov collected over 20 clean, gently used warm coats, as well as hats, scarves and gloves.

All collected coats and winter accessories were donated to NY Housing Authority Project to help people in need.

Dentist in Maspeth NY

Dr. Khaimov donating the collected coats to the NY Housing Authority Project representative Yvonne Colon.

Maspeth Dentist Sponsors a Holiday Coat Drive


Maspeth dentist Dr. Alexandra Khaimov:
Winter is here and there are people in our community who could use a nice warm coat. Dentist Dr. Alexandra Khaimov would like to help the needy and encourage locals to improve their dental health.

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Maspeth Dentist Sponsor Halloween Candy Buy Back


Maspeth Dentist, Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, is sponsoring a Halloween Candy Buy Back.

As we all know, there are many drawbacks to eating candy besides the fact that one does not know what is in the bag. Too much sugar can and will make a child hyperactive and restless. All the excess sugar can hurt the child’s teeth and put on body weight as well.

We will buy back the candies from the child and thus reward the “good child”, who would not eat the candy anyway, by letting him or her turn trick or treating into a profitable and fun event! 🙂

Maspeth Dentist Sponsors a Food Drive to Help Locals

The deadline to participate in the event, is extended to Sep. 27th 2013

Dentist Maspeth Food Drive

Maspeth dentist Dr. Alexandra Khaimov would like to help the hungry in our community and encourage locals to improve their dental health.

Join Our Food Drive:

Bring any quantity of food donation (non-perishable food) and drop them off at our office.
We will reward your effort with $50 OFF Towards Any Dental Service.

And all collected food will be donated to Our Lady of Grace, Ministry of Care & Service

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Maspeth NY Dentist Treated Locals for FREE

Maspeth NY Dentist, Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, is used to bring smiles to patients on a day to day basis as she helped patients to get rid of pain and improve their dental health.

On July 15th, Dr Khaimov did an extraordinary act of kindness by helping Maspeth residents who could not afford dental care to get dental treatments for free.

Patients came from within the neighborhood and outside the community. A couple who came to get treated was surprised at the extent of care Dr Khaimov gave them  despite that it was a free community service.

For over a month, Dr Khaimov has planned for this “Dental Emergency Day” for those who needed emergency care but could not afford it.

Dr Khaimov said, “It saddened me to see so many people have foregone the needed dental care due to financial issues and they were living in pain.”


Maspeth NY Dentist

Dr. Alexandra Khaimov Offers FREE Dentistry

Dentist Maspeth NY

Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, dentist in Maspeth NY, is offering free dentistry to anyone in need.

Anyone with a dental emergency or in need of pain relief, who cannot otherwise afford it, will be provided with Emergency Dental Treatment at NO COST on a first-come first-served basis!

Maspeth Dentist Sponsors FREE Dentistry Day

Maspeth Dentist Hosts FREE Dentistry Day


Maspeth Dentist is sponsoring a free dentistry day.

Dr. Alexandra Khaimov will open her office once again to help those who cannot afford dentistry, but have an emergency need of treatment.

Maspeth Dentist Hosts a Holiday Food Drive

Maspeth Dentist Food Drive

It’s the season to give thanks for what we have and help those in need!

Join Maspeth dentist Dr. Alexandra Khaimov in her annual FOOD Drive to put smiles on the faces of some needy families. At the same time, you can improve your dental health.

Maspeth Dentist Sponsored a Halloween Candy Buy Back

Maspeth dentist Dr. Alexandra Khaimov led an anti tooth-decay movement by giving away dollars in exchange for candy this past Halloween.

Trick-or-treaters brought their excess candy to Dr. Khaimov’s office and received $3.00 per pound. This is the first year she is sponsoring a Halloween Candy buy Back.

“Kids still experienced the fun of trick or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well.” explains Dr. Khaimov.

Dr. Khaimov donated the collected candy to Healthplex.

Maspeth Dentist Candy Buy Back

Maspeth Dentist Hosts a Halloween Candy Buy Back

Maspeth Dentist Candy Buy Back

Maspeth Dentist Dr. Alexandra Khaimov is Organizing a Halloween Candy Buy Back.

Bring all of your collected candy, and get a $3 for each pound of sweets.

All the collected candy will be donated to charities who are helping the hurricane victims.

Turn “Trick or Treat” into a fun and healthy event.