Robert Jurado – Nominated for a Hero

Genesis Jurado wants to nominate Robert Jurado as a Hero.

Here is why:

Robert Jurado is my hero. He has been fighting cancer for 3 years now and is still able to be an amazing father and husband. I love him with all my heart and although he is fighting cancer he is still such an inspiration to those who know him. Because of him our lives have been made brighter and that is a hero to me.

Samuel S. – Nominated for a Hero

Jalesa S. wants to nominate Samuel S. as a Hero.

Here is why:

My hero is my best friend and husband Samuel. I guess he would be considered your average hero considering that he is a firefighter, but he has done so much for me and the community that he deserves this recognition. I know that firefighters are usually honored when they get hurt on the job or something as such but all firefighters should be recognized for their bravery.

Maria Lopez – Nominated for a Hero

Xavier Lopez wants to nominate Maria Lopez as a Hero.

Here is why:

I would like to nominate my mother Maria. She is a single mother working mother of 4 kids and she still manages to be strong and work hard for us. She even has time to volunteer at a homeless shelter because she wants to be able to give back to those that are in need.

Ann – Nominated for a Hero

Geraldine Pichardo wants to nominate Ann as a Hero.

Here is why:

I would like to nominate my former coworker Ann for Dr. Khaimov’s contest.
She recently lost her eldest son but she still manages to brighten up the workplace. She has that type of personality that although she is sad inside she will not show it and complain on the outside. Her sons death was a tragedy. He was hit from behind by a drunk driver and lost control of his car. After his funeral Ann made it her mission to spread the word about the dangers of drunk driving. She organized peace walks that made it on NY1 television. Although Ann went through such a tragedy she still manages to come into work everyday and make us smile and laugh when we are down. In return we love her unconditionally and admire her strength and that is why I want to nominate her.