Good Deed Contest 2014 Winner Announced

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2014 is over and so is the Good Deed Contest Dr. Khaimov and staff organized.

Dr. Khaimov received many essays full of wonderful good deeds local kids did. It was a hard decision, but the winner is 12-year-old Gurveer Singh, I.S. 93 student. Below are some of the good deeds Gurveer did:

“There was this very elderly person and she couldn’t get up from the ground across the street from me, so I was in the window watching the snow and I saw her,” Singh explained. “I ran out with my coat and slippers and I took her to the hospital.”

He also wrote about the time he took a trip he took with his family to India and met a young boy begging for food on the street.

“I bought him food and took care of him, and I also gave him a little bit of money to take care of himself,” Singh said. “I just don’t like seeing people in poverty.”

The Maspeth dentist presented Singh with a Kindle Fire for his essays in order to inspire him to continue reading and learning and better his own future.

“I am not doing this because I am a dentist,” she explained. “I am doing this because I am a mom and I am teaching my kids to be good. I also see how kids lately are so careless and I would like to reach out to other parents and teachers to raise a better community.”

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