Dentist in Maspeth Hosts Annual FREE Dentistry Day



Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, dentist in Maspeth, is organizing her annual FREE Dentistry Day to help her local community.

Anyone, who cannot otherwise afford dentistry, will be provided with dental treatment at no cost.



Cosmetic Dentist Maspeth About Periodontal Disease

Cosmetic Dentist Maspeth Dr. Khaimov: Periodontal disease is the technical name for gum disease, the most common reason for tooth loss in patients after the age of 25. Although relatively painless in the beginning, by the time the first acute abscess occurs, some teeth may already be beyond saving.  The first sign of periodontal disease is bleeding gums that are also usually red and swollen.  As the disease progresses, the gums will recede causing the affected teeth to appear longer than normal.  Finally, in the latter stages, the teeth will loosen to the point of being painful and useless, and will either fall out on their own or will have to be extracted.

Poor oral hygiene is what causes gum disease.  Thoroughly brushing and cleaning between the teeth at least once per day will help prevent the onset of gum disease.  If a patient finds it difficult to floss, using thin toothpicks can be an acceptable alternative for cleaning between the teeth.  Although easily preventable, periodontal disease is often difficult to maintain once the deterioration process begins.

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Dentist Maspeth NY: Dentist’s Advice on Vitamins and Health

Dentist Maspeth NY: Here is an information article by our Maspeth dentist regarding vitamins and health. Vitamins are organic compounds that the body requires in order to stay healthy, and which need to be ingested with food, except for vitamin D which can be synthesised with the help of sunlight. Provided you eat a varied diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables you should get all the vitamins, or at least, nearly all the vitamins you need. There are 13 known essential vitamins with various important functions involving body systems such as cell growth and repair, digestion, and reproduction.

There are two main concerns these days though, with regard to a healthy diet. Many foods that we eat these days are not sourced locally, but instead are flown in from faraway places. This gives us tremendous choice of foods like fruit and vegetables, and the opportunity to eat them all year round, but, often they are not so fresh by the time we buy them in the supermarket. This means that their vitamin content is likely to be somewhat depleted. Many are be specially treated in order to delay ripening of fruits and keep vegetables fresh, and this in itself is questionable as regards health.

Dentist Maspeth NY: the other big problem is that many people these days rely excessively on take-away meals and fast foods rather than preparing meals from fresh ingredients. Many such manufactured and processed foods are high in unhealthy saturated fat and refined carbohydrate, and low in nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

If you have any type of restrictions with your diet, it may be even more difficult to get the vitamins and nutrients you need. Those who have food allergies, especially, might find it even harder to get the right amount of vitamins.

Dentist Maspeth NY: vitamin supplements are the easiest way to give your body what it needs for ideal health.

You can use vitamins and supplements in your normal diet, although you will want to choose them accordingly with what you require and what your diet comprises.

The 13 essential vitamins are divided into two main groups – Fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, D, E, and K are fat soluble and can be stored by the body. The B vitamins and Vitamin C are water soluble, and, except for Vitamin B12, they can not be stored in the body, and so are needed on a daily basis.

Multiple vitamin and mineral supplements, contain a variable number of essential and non-essential nutrients, and provide a convenient way to take a variety of supplemental nutrients from a single product, in order to prevent vitamin or mineral deficiencies, as well as to achieve higher intakes of nutrients believed to be of benefit above typical dietary levels. A reputable make of multivitamin should give you all the nutrients required in the right amounts as recommended by general agreement. There are no proper controls over quality or content of vitamin supplements in most countries as yet, so it is important to get them from a trusted source.

Some vitamins, such as C, are vital for many different reasons, and are safe in large doses. You can take considerably more than the recommended daily allowance without risk, although the benefits of taking excessive amounts are debatable. Other vitamins like A, are considered harmful in large doses so you need to keep within the guidelines. Dentist Maspeth NY says that daily vitamin supplements, in general, can help to maintain daily energy requirements which are so important, especially if you have a demanding job.