CEREC Same-day Dental Crown Keeps New York Dental Patients Happy

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A dental crown is typically meant to support the natural structure of a chipped, cracked or damaged tooth. In a world where aesthetics count towards how others perceive an individual, waiting a few weeks until a crown is back from the lab is something that would worry many patients.

The good news is that patients now have the option of CEREC crowns which are prepared at the dentist’s office in one visit. With CEREC crowns, the dentist does not need to take a patient’s tooth impressions, send them to a lab and then wait for weeks before they are delivered to the office. As such, the patient gets the crown during the very first appointment, making this treatment option especially popular among New Yorkers.

While most patients looking for dental crowns would prefer CEREC crowns over traditional ones, not all dentists have the equipment or skills to offer this service. Fortunately, New York residents living in Maspeth and its surrounding areas can access CEREC crowns easily and affordably from Dr. Alexandra Khaimov of Grand Smile Dental.

Having acquired the CEREC machine, Dr. Khaimov is now able to offer timely and convenient dental crowns for her patients in just one visit. In her experience, the esthetic result is better, and the new crowns do not cause unnecessary wear of opposing teeth when compared to metal crowns.

In addition to the shortened treatment timeline, she emphasizes CEREC crowns to eliminate the need for temporary crowns that are prone to falling out, may be sensitive, and often limit the types of foods and beverages one is allowed to take. In the past, a patient had to take home a temporary crown while the permanent one was prepared in the lab.

Another reason why CEREC crowns are so popular among Dr. Khaimov’s patients is because the restorations produced are tooth-colored overlays which are difficult to distinguish from the patient’s natural teeth.

Dental patients from New York cities such as Maspeth, Woodside, Middle Village, Ridgewood, Brooklyn, Sunnyside and the surrounding communities are welcomed to contact our office for a FREE consultation.