Dentist in Maspeth Took a Stand Against Sweets This Halloween

Maspeth Dentist Dr. Khaimov

During Halloween, Dr. Alexandria Khaimov, dentist in Maspeth, led an anti tooth-decay movement by giving away dollars in exchange for the excess candy collected from trick-or-treating.

Trick-or-treaters were invited to bring in their excess candy and Dr. Khaimov bought it for $1 for each pound brought. She collected close to 25 pounds of Halloween treats.

Dr. Khaimov is passionate about encouraging proper oral health among the children in her community.

“The kids still got to experience the fun of trick-or-treating, but with the added benefit of growing their piggy banks and sparing their teeth and gums unnecessary strain from all the candy,” says Dr. Alexandra Khaimov.

It is no secret that children around the world love candy. In fact, the global sugar consumption for kids increases by about 2 percent each year, and by 2013, it had reached 50 million tons.

These figures only confirm the fact that parents have a more difficult task of ensuring their children’s teeth are well cared for. In addition to hurting their teeth, candy also leads to hyperactivity and weigh gain in children. Broken teeth and damaged braces are also common phenomena among young candy eaters.

This was the 3rd year in a row Dr. Khaimov organized a Halloween Candy Buy Back. This year, Facebook fans got an extra dollar for every pound of candy they brought by simply sharing Dr. Khaimov’s Halloween Candy Buy Back Facebook message.

Dr. Khaimov is ready to help with her next community event – a Holiday Coat Drive in which she encourages the members of her community to donate coats and jackets they no longer need. This is to help meet the demand for warm coats this winter.

Dr. Khaimov proudly serves the residents of Brooklyn, Ridgewood, Middle Village, Woodside and Maspeth.

CEREC Same-day Dental Crown Keeps New York Dental Patients Happy

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A dental crown is typically meant to support the natural structure of a chipped, cracked or damaged tooth. In a world where aesthetics count towards how others perceive an individual, waiting a few weeks until a crown is back from the lab is something that would worry many patients.

The good news is that patients now have the option of CEREC crowns which are prepared at the dentist’s office in one visit. With CEREC crowns, the dentist does not need to take a patient’s tooth impressions, send them to a lab and then wait for weeks before they are delivered to the office. As such, the patient gets the crown during the very first appointment, making this treatment option especially popular among New Yorkers.

While most patients looking for dental crowns would prefer CEREC crowns over traditional ones, not all dentists have the equipment or skills to offer this service. Fortunately, New York residents living in Maspeth and its surrounding areas can access CEREC crowns easily and affordably from Dr. Alexandra Khaimov of Grand Smile Dental.

Having acquired the CEREC machine, Dr. Khaimov is now able to offer timely and convenient dental crowns for her patients in just one visit. In her experience, the esthetic result is better, and the new crowns do not cause unnecessary wear of opposing teeth when compared to metal crowns.

In addition to the shortened treatment timeline, she emphasizes CEREC crowns to eliminate the need for temporary crowns that are prone to falling out, may be sensitive, and often limit the types of foods and beverages one is allowed to take. In the past, a patient had to take home a temporary crown while the permanent one was prepared in the lab.

Another reason why CEREC crowns are so popular among Dr. Khaimov’s patients is because the restorations produced are tooth-colored overlays which are difficult to distinguish from the patient’s natural teeth.

Dental patients from New York cities such as Maspeth, Woodside, Middle Village, Ridgewood, Brooklyn, Sunnyside and the surrounding communities are welcomed to contact our office for a FREE consultation.




Dentist Maspeth NY Helped Many with FREE Dentistry

Dentist Maspeth NY, Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, of Grand Smile Dental, will be helping the residents of Maspeth and Elmhurst during these difficult economic times by giving a day of free emergency dental care for anyone in need of dentistry who cannot otherwise afford it on Tuesday July 23rd from 10am to 4pm at 40-36 82nd Street, Elmhurst, NY 11373.

The Emergency Dental Treatment Days are designed to treat anyone (adult or child) for free who has a dental emergency and who cannot afford dental care on a first-come-first-served basis.

Since then, Dr Khaimov has spread her message about the need to increase dental awareness through numerous TV, radio and newspapers interviews.

This event will be the 4th free dental event Dr Khaimov has sponsored.

In addition to free dental days, Dr Khaimov has also held numerous community events including food drives, Halloween candy-buybacks for encouraging children not to eat the candies after Halloween and also Do A Good Deed contests which inspired youths to focus on performing good deeds.

“I would like to do my part as a dentist to help and hope other healthcare providers would join me and organize a similar effort in their community to help keep our fellow Americans healthy.” explained Dr. Khaimov.

Dr. Khaimov added, “We will be conducting similar community events in Maspeth periodically throughout the year to help the less fortunate in our community.”

Dr Khaimov has also become the Queens Person of the week, a title given by NY1 last year, when she provided free dentistry to the needy.

For more information call (718)255-1381 or go online to php/category/maspeth-dentisthelps- the-community/ “It simply makes me happy to see the young and old and anyone in between getting the dental care they need.” Dr. Khaimov smiled.


Dentist Maspeth NY

Implant Dentist Maspeth NY: Dentures

Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, Implant Dentist Maspeth NY: Most people would be surprised to discover that the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing a denture every 5 to 7 years. Although dentures are durable, they won’t last forever and as dentures age they become more porous and capable of housing harmful and odor causing bacteria.

The side effects associated with wearing dentures older than 7 years are numerous and range from accelerated resorption of the gums, to headaches and bad breathe. Since the mouth is in a constant state of change a replacement denture every 5-7 years also helps to maintain a healthy natural appearance.

For more information about dentures, call (718)255-1381 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Khaimov – Implant dentist Maspeth NY.


Cosmetic Dentist Maspeth: Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentist MaspethCosmetic Dentist Maspeth:Best Choice Family Dental has two choices in teeth whitening procedures; one is accomplished by thepatient at home while the other method is completed in the dental office. At home treatment requires a visit to the dental office only to have a customized whitening mouthpiece, or tray, made from a mold of your teeth. While at home, the patient places the whitening material in the mouthpiece, so that when placed in mouth the whitening gel evenly covers the teeth. The mouthpiece remains in place for a specified period of time depending on the concentration of the active ingredient in the gel. Although at two to four weeks, the in home method takes much longer to complete, the results are impressive. It is not uncommon that the end result is 4 to 5 shades brighter.

However, if you want speedier results and have a bit more to spend on teeth whitening, the in-office method may be best for you. During this procedure, the whitening solution is placed directly on the teeth. Then, a specialized light activating device “ZOOM” operating at controlled wavelengths is aimed at the gel-covered teeth at timed intervals until all of the teeth have been exposed. The entire procedure lasts an hour and the patient will normally leave with a smile that can be up to 8 shades brighter.

Dentist Maspeth NY: Dentist’s Advice on Vitamins and Health

Dentist Maspeth NY: Here is an information article by our Maspeth dentist regarding vitamins and health. Vitamins are organic compounds that the body requires in order to stay healthy, and which need to be ingested with food, except for vitamin D which can be synthesised with the help of sunlight. Provided you eat a varied diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables you should get all the vitamins, or at least, nearly all the vitamins you need. There are 13 known essential vitamins with various important functions involving body systems such as cell growth and repair, digestion, and reproduction.

There are two main concerns these days though, with regard to a healthy diet. Many foods that we eat these days are not sourced locally, but instead are flown in from faraway places. This gives us tremendous choice of foods like fruit and vegetables, and the opportunity to eat them all year round, but, often they are not so fresh by the time we buy them in the supermarket. This means that their vitamin content is likely to be somewhat depleted. Many are be specially treated in order to delay ripening of fruits and keep vegetables fresh, and this in itself is questionable as regards health.

Dentist Maspeth NY: the other big problem is that many people these days rely excessively on take-away meals and fast foods rather than preparing meals from fresh ingredients. Many such manufactured and processed foods are high in unhealthy saturated fat and refined carbohydrate, and low in nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

If you have any type of restrictions with your diet, it may be even more difficult to get the vitamins and nutrients you need. Those who have food allergies, especially, might find it even harder to get the right amount of vitamins.

Dentist Maspeth NY: vitamin supplements are the easiest way to give your body what it needs for ideal health.

You can use vitamins and supplements in your normal diet, although you will want to choose them accordingly with what you require and what your diet comprises.

The 13 essential vitamins are divided into two main groups – Fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, D, E, and K are fat soluble and can be stored by the body. The B vitamins and Vitamin C are water soluble, and, except for Vitamin B12, they can not be stored in the body, and so are needed on a daily basis.

Multiple vitamin and mineral supplements, contain a variable number of essential and non-essential nutrients, and provide a convenient way to take a variety of supplemental nutrients from a single product, in order to prevent vitamin or mineral deficiencies, as well as to achieve higher intakes of nutrients believed to be of benefit above typical dietary levels. A reputable make of multivitamin should give you all the nutrients required in the right amounts as recommended by general agreement. There are no proper controls over quality or content of vitamin supplements in most countries as yet, so it is important to get them from a trusted source.

Some vitamins, such as C, are vital for many different reasons, and are safe in large doses. You can take considerably more than the recommended daily allowance without risk, although the benefits of taking excessive amounts are debatable. Other vitamins like A, are considered harmful in large doses so you need to keep within the guidelines. Dentist Maspeth NY says that daily vitamin supplements, in general, can help to maintain daily energy requirements which are so important, especially if you have a demanding job.

Dentist Maspeth: Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Dentist Maspeth: Root canal therapy is prescribed to save a tooth whose nerve chamber has been injured or infected with decay. A healthy tooth may have one or more root chambers, or canals, that extend all the way to the jaw. Within the canal is a living pulp of blood vessels and nerves that feed the tooth and keep it healthy. Deep tooth decay or injury can cause damage resulting in infection within the canal. Using various instruments, the chamber is cleaned of the infected tissue and sealed with a moisture resistant material.



Maspeth NY Dentist Dr. Alexandra Khaimov proudly serves the residents in of Maspeth, Middle Village, Woodside, Ridgewood, Brooklyn including the zipcodes of 11378, 11379, 11377, 11385 and 11247


Dental Services

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Maspeth NY Dental Services

Maspeth Dental Office: We have worked hard to provide you with a fresh array of services that can help you receive the service and relief that you want. Our goal is to work with you in a combined effort to build you the smile and the dental health that you’ve always wanted. Our Dentist Maspeth NY helps you to achieve optimum health through the following:

  • Dental Exam
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Crown and Dental Bridge
  • Dentures
  • Dental Implants
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Liquid Smiles
  • Take Home Trays
  • ZOOM
  • Orthodontist
  • TMJ Treatment Invisalign
  • Orthodontics
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Root Canal
  • Teeth Extraction

Imagine having the smile that you’ve always wanted and the smile that you always felt like you deserved. That is what we can help you accomplish. With your help, we know we can do it. Please contact us by phone, or stop by our practice. We are ready to help you.

Dentist Maspeth NY Dr. Alexandra Khaimov proudly serves the residents in of Maspeth, Middle Village, Woodside, Ridgewood, Brooklyn including the zipcodes of 11378, 11379, 11377, 11385 and 11247


Dentist Maspeth NY Welcomes You to Our Maspeth Dental Office

Dentist Maspeth NY: Dr. Alexandra Khaimov has been consistent in providing individual attention as well as results-driven dental treatment to patients in the community for a number of years. Our dental office has intricate dental modern technology to treat dental patients with various kinds of dental troubles. Missing teeth can be replaced painlessly with same day dental services. All the restorative and cosmetic dentistry requirements can easily be taken care of under one roof. Tooth replacement with dental implants, or for patients lacking enough jawbone, complete or partial dentures, can easily be accomplished to repair a functional bite and balanced aesthetics for a younger looking appearance.


Our Maspeth Dental office also offers general dentistry services for usual dental troubles including gum disease and chipped teeth. Dental crowns, dental bridges and root canal could all be done at our dental office by Dentist Maspeth NY, Dr. Alexandra Khaimov.


All together by having a warm customer service, you can easily receive optimum dental health in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere with Dentist Maspeth NY, Dr. Alexandra Khaimov.


Dentist Maspeth NY: Dental makeovers are a legitimate option, even for the dental phobic. Dental makeovers could possibly change a person’s life by giving him or her the smile that could boost career possibilities, improve personal relationships and increase self-confidence. In one office visit, some dental patients may be able to experience the transformation of an embarrassing smile into an amazing display of pretty, superb teeth. Modern cosmetic dentistry processes along with sophisticated orthodontic methods are utilized to make certain that good dental health is at the root of a beautiful smile that will last for a whole life time. Dentist Maspeth NY Dr. Alexandra Khaimov also takes care of functional dental health, in addition to cosmetic enhancements by having dental veneers, tooth colored dental fillings as well as porcelain crowns.


Dentist Maspeth NY Dr. Alexandra Khaimov knows that prevention is more desirable than remedy. A routine dental inspection and cleaning can prevent significant dental complications to breed. Schedule the appointment with us today and mention this internet site and receive our dental special.


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