Cosmetic Dentist Maspeth: Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentist MaspethCosmetic Dentist Maspeth:Best Choice Family Dental has two choices in teeth whitening procedures; one is accomplished by thepatient at home while the other method is completed in the dental office. At home treatment requires a visit to the dental office only to have a customized whitening mouthpiece, or tray, made from a mold of your teeth. While at home, the patient places the whitening material in the mouthpiece, so that when placed in mouth the whitening gel evenly covers the teeth. The mouthpiece remains in place for a specified period of time depending on the concentration of the active ingredient in the gel. Although at two to four weeks, the in home method takes much longer to complete, the results are impressive. It is not uncommon that the end result is 4 to 5 shades brighter.

However, if you want speedier results and have a bit more to spend on teeth whitening, the in-office method may be best for you. During this procedure, the whitening solution is placed directly on the teeth. Then, a specialized light activating device “ZOOM” operating at controlled wavelengths is aimed at the gel-covered teeth at timed intervals until all of the teeth have been exposed. The entire procedure lasts an hour and the patient will normally leave with a smile that can be up to 8 shades brighter.